The work on the development of PD and RD at the automated process control system of the mill and fuel and lubricants warehouse for Polyus Magadan JSC

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Based on the results of the tender, Industrial Automation LLC was recognized as the winner and entered into an agreement for design work for Polyus Magadan JSC. In a very short time from December 2019 to January 2020, the specialists of the design department of the Company developed the Design and Working Documentation on the following topics:
1. Technical re-equipment of a hazardous production facility, a mill plant in terms of process control devices in the mineral processing scheme.
2. Technical re-equipment of process control devices of the fuel and lubricants warehouse of JSC Polyus Magadan.
The scope of work amounted to:
— Modernization of the top-level storage system of the control system of the ZIF (increase in disk space and storage of backup copies of servers and software).
— Automation of the separation of grinding and gravity of the mill. Accounting for water resources.
— Automation of water quality control and monitoring of the quality of water taken from the tailings at the workstation of the dispatcher of the mill.
— Temperature control of bearings and motors of pumps and other equipment that are not covered in the “Industrial control system 1 stage of construction”.
— Transfer control panels of concentrators of the 3rd stage from the shield instrumentation to the concentrators in place. Organization of communication “frequency converter — control cabinet of the concentrator” at the third stage of gravitational enrichment.
— Automation of control of drainage pumps.
— Automation of control of drives and reducers of feeders, drive and gear of conveyors.
— Automation of the drainage pump installation of water supply from the river. The schemer ZIF NGOK.

— Organization of communication networks with the control system of the fuel and lubricants warehouse with the data center ABK ZIF.
— Automation of pumping fire water supply.
— Automated lighting control system.
All work was completed in full on time.